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Add School Logo to Your Conductor Control Panel

17 September 2020|Hannah Olson

Did you know you can customize your FrontRow touch screen control panel (CB-6000) with your school logo, customized messages, or other graphic images? You can now download the CB-6000 Utility (beta) for adding graphics to the CB-6000 configuration files, as well as converting files between versions for easy portability between CB-6000s with different versions of firmware.

The CB-6000 can store 3 different images, so you can call them up when actions are pressed. When used with the Conductor IP Paging system, you can program a specific image to be displayed on all your controllers when an alert or bell is played.

For example, you could display the American Flag when the National Anthem is playing, display an alert message in an emergency, or use your school logo as the "screen saver."

Schools and customers can get the utility here, or if you are a reseller, you can download it from the Software folder in the Guides & Resources page when logged into the reseller portal.

The utility is also available from any of the CB-6000 product pages on the FrontRow website, under the Downloads section.

The utility is quite a simple little app, but as it is beta please do let us know if you find any issues (send to We wanted to make this available as soon as possible due to high demand.