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FrontRow Introduces ELEVATE, a New Wireless Transmission Technology

16 February 2022|Hannah Olson

FrontRow looked at the needs of today’s classrooms and found that the current wireless transmission technology in classroom audio distribution systems was lacking. That is why we created ELEVATE, a new transmission designed specifically for education. ELEVATE leverages multiple transmission technologies to enable functionality for the modern classroom.

ELEVATE teacher voices

First and foremost, ELEVATE continues the FrontRow tradition of delivering the industry’s best-in-class and most intelligible sound that helps students develop listening and reading comprehension. The new teacher Action! microphone—powered by Elevate and our OptiVoice+ technology—brings the proven benefits of teacher voice enhancement to new heights. Students won’t miss a thing with an ELEVATE system. Every soft consonant or resounding vowel sound can be heard from anywhere in the room as if every student was sitting in the front row.

ELEVATE teacher mobility and technology control

ELEVATE-based systems and the teacher Action! microphones are simply powerful. Instructors can move freely and control technology easily throughout the classroom, thanks to FrontRow's next-generation technology. With Adapto+ feedback suppression and audio controls—like Solo to mute all audio sources and PrioriTeach+ to automatically lower audio sources when a teacher speaks—teachers can seamlessly conduct lessons from anywhere in the room. ELEVATE also features PrivaSee to automatically turns off the Action! microphone when a teachers step out of the classroom, so hallway conversations—and any sounds outside the classroom—stay outside the classroom!

The “action buttons” on the microphone are also programmable thanks to ELEVATE’s ActionScript capability. Schools can have the action buttons programmed to do any number of functions from calling the office to activating a classroom display. The programming capabilities are countless and customizable to a school’s needs.

Simply put, ELEVATE and Action! microphone lets teachers teach, move around, and control technology seamlessly and worry-free.

ELEVATE Student Engagement, Participation, Access, and Equity

Learning is primarily verbal, and students only learn what they hear. Elevating a teacher’s voice benefits all students especially students who are special needs, English language learners, or using assistive listening devices (ALD). ELEVATE is ALD-Ready and compatible with a wide array of devices. When students hear the teacher clearly with ELEVATE, instruction becomes engaging as well as equitable and accessible to all students, both in class and at home.

Students are also more likely to participate when their voices are elevated as well. The Bravo! microphone ensures that a speaking student can be heard by their fellow learners in the classroom and online. Students love hearing themselves and holding the light-weight, candy-bar-shaped microphone, making it a great tool to engage students and build their public speaking confidence.

ELEVATE connectivity and safety

The capabilities of ELEVATE extend beyond the classroom. Systems with ELEVATE are online learning ready and can integrate with popular video conferencing solutions. With our Class2Home Kit—a simple connection between an ELEVATE system and a teacher’s computer—the superior audio quality possible is streamed for online learners. When paired with FrontRow Conductor, Elevate-based systems can be used for school-wide communications.

For those in the school, ELEVATE-based systems have Alert & Response capabilities to enhance emergency communication and dedicated alert buttons on the Action! microphone to initiate an emergency response. ELEVATE systems also comes with ClassLight, an indicator light to cue those in the classroom to an emergency alert, an incoming intercom or PA announcement—as well as system’s power, microphone registration, mute or Solo status.

ELEVATE your campus

ELEVATE was purpose-designed to make it easy for schools to communicate, even in high-density education environments. Up to a hundred ELEVATE systems can operate in the same building or area without interruptions or crosstalk. ELEVATE employs technology that allows interference-free operation up to 100 meters. Best of all, ELEVATE can be used in any type of classroom construction—from traditional designs to glass-walled modern architecture—for the best communication and device management and control possible.

ELEVATE is within your reach

FrontRow’s new ELEVATE wireless transmission technology is available now for FrontRow ezRoom Voice & Alert systems. Visit our updated ezRoom webpage to learn more about ezRoom AV, ezRoom Voice, and Elevate-based ezRoom Voice & AlertOr, contact us to request a consultation or demonstration.