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Why Communication is Key to Safety in Schools

As a parent, safety in schools is something that is always top of mind. As a professional who works in the educational technology industry, I have insight into the tools needed to create a safer learning environment for kids. And while I do not claim to have all of the answers (far from it), there are certain things I am keenly aware.

Audio Knows Best: Going Back to Basics with Classroom Amplification

I've been working with FrontRow for a long time, and before that I taught in the classroom. So I've spent nearly a decade working in and around education. And over the last so many years, I have noticed that there is always a lot of excitement around the Next Big Thing. From interactive whiteboards, to 1:1 initiatives, to tablets, to flipped classrooms, there is always some Thing that is revolutionizing classrooms.

Efficiency in education starts in the front office

We couldn't have said it better. Hear how one school in Northern California (right in our backyard actually) chugged along with an outdated analog bell system and recently upgraded to an integrated network bells, PA and intercom system - and how that simplified their daily schedule.

Attend your next PD session in your PJs

With every job there is a component of professional development.  When you work in education, it usually means hours at the end of your teaching day, or a day off from the students, sitting in a session.  Sometimes these are really great sessions that you don't want to miss — but may have to for a variety of reasons.

The Why, When, and How to Flip Your Classroom

This is a guest post courtesy of Lisa Highfill, Technology Integration Coach for Pleasanton Unified School District in California. Lisa has been using the FrontRow Juno system since February 2014.

How FrontRow Audio Systems Helped Me

This is a guest post courtesy of a second grade Teacher Mary Jo Barbeau in Boulder, Colorado. Mary was using the FrontRow ToGo system for a while before she traded with another teacher for the FrontRow Juno system.