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Juno is at Your Service

25 June 2020|Hannah Olson

Let’s take a moment to pause, take a deep breath and just be still for a moment. There’s a lot happening at once and there’ quite a bit of uncertainty. Just thinking about them all is kind of daunting to be honest. Just as we are individually trying to navigate, schools across the world are trying to cope as well.

Some schools are introducing many numerous safety-related initiatives. Perhaps it’s physical distancing in the classroom, teachers wearing personal protective equipment, creating blended classrooms, instituting remote learning, or trying to reconfigure their bell schedules to stagger passing periods. In any case, there is one solution that can fit your needs. Right here, right now. It’s a spectacular solution during a “normal school year” that benefits everyone tremendously from teachers to every student, including English language learners and students that use assistive learning devices.

I am speaking of the FrontRow Juno of course! We have written often about the benefits of Juno and here we are discussing it again. At FrontRow, we pride ourselves in making communication at schools effortless and believe that it helps deliver better teaching and learning outcomes. Not to mention, it really does help provide a better quality of life for everyone in the classroom. We have more about that in coming blogs.

Juno is made for these exceptional times. Regardless of the challenges you may be facing, Juno is at your service. It’s an all-in-one solution, full of features and capabilities built-in that is budget-friendly and can grow with your evolving needs. Whether you are looking at a solution for distance learning, teachers wearing PPE, physical distancing in the classroom, or want best-in-class classroom audio and device control, the answer is the same: FrontRow Juno.

If you are seeking a solution for the upcoming school year, your partners at FrontRow are here to help.

Learn More about how FrontRow audio solutions help overcome the challenges of masking, learning online, and learning loss for all students.