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Preparing Your School for the New Normal

01 May 2020|Hannah Olson

You hear it everywhere lately, the “New Normal.” Coronavirus has forced us to live in a new way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are all quickly adapting to new protocols and adopting new technologies. Distance learning and remote working are now both widespread and common, collectively testing the bounds of technology so we can safely remain apart.

Though post-coronavirus life will force us to incorporate several adaptations moving forward, various aspects of life will return. Students will eventually return to the classroom, and it is our collective responsibility to make them safe, comfortable, and ready to learn after having their lives upended.

Proactive administrators and educators are using this time to reflect and begin implementing plans to evolve their school or classroom forward. With students away from the physical campus, perhaps through the Fall semester in some places, many administrators are evaluating and prioritizing projects and initiatives. Common efforts being considered include:

  • Implementing new health and safety measures to maintain social distancing
  • Organizing staggered breaks, lunches and passing periods
  • Installing a classroom technology hub or audio and device management system that enables teachers to have centralized device control on themselves or phone, which can help teacher maintain physical distancing
  • Upgrading to a classroom communication or sound system that supports that ensures sound clarity within the classroom and online for students learning remotely
  • Upgrading antiquated bells, paging, and intercom system to a dynamic IP-based system that can easily support multiple bell schedules as well as staggered breaks, lunches and passing periods.

Thankfully, there is a provides with a technology solution that can help with all these things: FrontRow ezRoom. Whether you want to rollout all these capabilities at once, scale up to various features and capabilities, or only use a select few as part of your technology stack, FrontRow’s ezRoom is ready for the new normal and can grow with your school’s needs. It’s truly a scalable, future-proof, all-in-one technology that is both simple and cost-efficient.

FrontRow’s solutions boast a myriad of benefits. You may have read about how classroom audio systems can improve both learning and teachingenhance emergency communication, and help students with assistive listening devices or special resources needs as well as English language learners. Now you can join us on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. PST for a webinar with Mark Jones, our VP of Sales, where he will be discussing all the benefits of ezRoom and how our all-in-one solution is ready for the new normal.

If you are considering implementing any of the initiatives we mentioned above, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn more and ask specific questions regarding your school from an expert with over 20 years of education technology experience.

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