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Synchronize Conductor with Your School's Master Time

09 April 2020|Hannah Olson

It's important that the FrontRow Conductor campus communication and control system is perfectly synchronized with your school's “master time source." This time source is typically a Network Time Server (NTS) within the school's firewall, but can also be a server out on the Internet.

To accomplish this time sync, the Conductor server — along with most clock systems within the school — is "pointed” to the network address of this time source. Because both the clocks and Conductor stay in time sync by retrieving time from a common third source, Conductor is essentially neutral to your school's clock system as it does not normally communicate with it directly.

But, there are occasions where your clock system is unable to retrieve a network time sync. In this situation, FrontRow Maestro can come to the rescue by sending a time stamp signal to your clock system from a schedule. (Conductor can accomplish this as well, but it's not a good idea to clutter up the bell schedules with time sync commands.) This method requires that your clock system is able to receive a time stamp signal from either an RS232 command or a relay closure. Keep in mind that there would also need to be an Ethernet-to-serial or relay device between the Maestro network commands and the clock control chassis. The FrontRow CM800 is well-suited for this interface.

If you have any questions about this or other amazing things you can do with Conductor, just let us know!

P.S. For your reference, here are a few clock systems we encounter frequently in K-12 applications: