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What's New in Conductor 2.0 Software Update?

16 April 2020|Hannah Olson

In case you haven't heard, we released Conductor 2.0 and Maestro 2.1 last month. Available here for download for FREE to existing customers, the latest client and server software adds some huge new administrative and configuration abilities.

FrontRow Conductor provides comprehensive school paging, intercom, bells, and emergency alerts over a standard Ethernet network, and works with ezRoom, Juno Connect, or FrontRow IP Speaker equipped classrooms.

FrontRow Maestro provides projector/display monitoring, remote control, and energy management via FrontRow networked devices.

Some of the new features in the latest release:

  • Disaster Recovery: With the new backup abilities on the DRS-5000 server, all your important data is archive automatically onto the FrontRow Flashback USB drive, or to any mapped directory you want to configure. If disaster strikes, you can be back up and running in minutes with the restore capability.
  • Device Discovery: Setup is easier than ever, with scanning and FrontRow device discovery built into Conductor and Maestro./li>
  • New Admin Station with high performance Dell touchscreen and UPS battery backup.
  • New pricing to allow for multiple Admin Stations
  • Page or intercom to any location or zone using your own school maps or customized control panels
  • TimeSync with FrontRow touch screen control panel keep bell schedules and clock displays in sync
  • Email encryption for compatibility with modern email servers
  • Remote control of projectors and displays via any connected web browser
  • New look and feel for Conductor and Maestro
  • Jump to device configuration pages directly from Conductor or Maestro
  • New server home page for easy navigation to all the DRS-5000 services

Learn more or watch the videos here.

Hundreds of schools and districts use FrontRow Conductor to keep their campuses running efficiently and securely. When used with ezRoom or Juno Connect, schools save money by leveraging the classroom audio systems for paging and intercom. Juno Connect even allows teachers to call the office just by saying "Intercom"!

And, Conductor allows schools to meet modern building requirements by providing different instructions and control actions for different emergency scenarios.

As always, send us any feature requests or feedback on the new software, we love to hear from our customers and resellers!